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Reigning from the Gold Coast, UV boi has been making a name for himself in electronic music. Collaborating with the likes of Ryan Hemsworth, UV boi has been taking the world by storm and has been gaining huge popularity as the next big thing. Known for his heavy hitting beats with laid back style, UV boi's music has been blowing up on the interwebs. 


RAUL SOLIS is the mastermind behind the LRS studio, a site of intersection where pieces articulate the wearable and the conceptual.

Born in Mexico, raised in Los Angeles, and currently residing in New York City, Raul Solis has become a designer, artist, and stylist most notable for his post-minimal look. His visual lexicon is infused with the spirit of sculpture, photography, music, street and and nightclub culture. 

Founder & CEO of The New Company, Amber Park sat down with Raul Solis to talk about his inspirations and aspirations as well as the meaning behind LRS and his love for handbags. Also, what are the five things about Raul that we don't know?




 A young Parisian rapper and beat maker spearheading the new French music scene.

Listening to Lunikar is like entering a dreamlike trance in a foreign film. In other words, he raps, but in French. At first listen, we were completely caught up in the downbeats, the rhythm of his voice, which meshed perfectly with the soft backdrop of his music. His hip-hop has traces of R&B in it, and his music is relaxing, a dynamic fusion of styles. It isn't what you expect--whatever the expectations you held about French rapping may be. 

Even if you don't speak French, we suggest listening to Lunikar. After all, French sounds so beautiful (because really, who doesn't love listening to the French speak for hours?), that the language barrier should not hinder anybody from listening to his music. The bits of French that I understood in his songs are tight. He crafts his lyrics really well. If you haven't already, check his music out here.